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Our Favorite Home Remedy Face Mask: 3 Ingredients

This is our all time favorite home remedy face mask. It only takes about one minute to throw together!


1. Non-Coated aspirin (You can purchase it at the Dollar Store!)
2. One real lemon (not lemon juice)
3. Baking Soda


1. Crush aspirin to powder consistency
2. Squeeze enough lemon juice to make a paste
3. Apply to face
4. Leave for 15 minutes 

*In another dish, add warm water and a few teaspoons of Baking Soda and stir.

5. Rinse face with warm water and then apply Baking Soda/water mixture with a cotton ball. 

Now your face is super soft and clean! 

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Book Wreath Less than $3.00

Book Wreath for less than 3.00! Supplies can be found at Dollar Tree. So easy, takes about an hour to create! All you need is a hot glue gun, a old/cheap book, brown or gray paint, and a foam wreath.

Just roll it various ways to get paper going in all directions. We rolled this one with 3 different types of methods. 

1. regular roll
2. an "S" shape
3. rolled both ends of paper towards each other

TIP: Don't hot glue your fingers while creating, it hurts!

Furniture Flip- Sofa bought for $28 at Goodwill

Sunday Sisters First official blog post, so exciting! 

This was a sofa My sister found at a local Goodwill and called me to tell me how cute it was and it would  be great recovered. So I bought it for around $28. I spent around $250 for the materials and to have it recovered by a professional. We used a drop cloth bought at Home Depot as the fabric for the couch. The drop cloth was about $30 and it was enough for the entire sofa! It turned out amazing! All it really needed was a little facelift...She was looking pretty frumpy! 

Until next time!

Sunday Sisters

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