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Barn Engagement: Erin and Kamron August, 16th 2011

16: The day in August we got engaged

Well, one of the Sunday Sisters just got engaged and we wanted to share the pictures with everyone!

The night before our 7th year anniversary, I was told I was going over to one of Jenny's friend's house to take pictures for our blog, then we were going to see the movie "The Help"(never got to see it!). I had been at work all day and did not feel "cute" enough to take pictures, but I went...

As soon as Jenny and I got to the house, she told me to go a head and go down to the barn and she would be down in a minute. She was going to wait for her friend to get there. I stood in the driveway for a few minutes and called Kamron to see if he was off work yet. He answered the phone and said he just got off work and would call me when he got in town. Nothing unusual... our conversation everyday.

I knew it was our anniversary the next day, but still wasn't thinking about any surprises. My sister walked out of the house with her friend (because I was still in the driveway) and she said lets go down to the barn. We walked half way and then she literally shoved me and said go to the barn. I walked a little further down and saw Kamron's car parked beside the barn. I also saw a lot of little twinkling lights.

Kamron was just standing there... I was like OMG this is awesome. It looked like a photo shoot... I couldn't believe how beautiful everything was!

He told me that he cleaned the barn and used everything from the barn for the decorations. He had been there since 5:30 a.m.! I was blown away to say the least. I was kind of freaking out because I didn't have my camera to take pictures! He showed me around and we talked about everything. He then told me he got my favorite dessert... cannoli!

I was still freaking out, taking pictures with my phone, worried because I did not have my camera. He then told me to calm down and come sit down.  Once I sat down, I was looking at everything he had done. And then... he started walking toward me with a little box.

Kamron then asked me if I would marry him and I believe my first response was "sure" then I said wait I guess I should say YES!

He then told me he had another surprise... Mike Cowart with Myrick Studios was coming to take pictures of us, so then I stopped worrying about not having my camera.

It was a great night and we had a blast. After Mike took pictures, we called our parents to come over and see everything.

I felt very special and loved that night. Kamron did a great job and was so thoughtful about everything.

We are so blessed and thankful for each other and our families. We are excited about our future together! 

We hope you enjoy all of the beautiful pictures and memories!

My favorite picture

How gorgeous was this?
Love Always,
Sunday Sisters
P.S. My Ring!

DIY-Mirror Tray Wall Art

We found these vintage mirror trays at various garage sales over the past few months. It started with just one tray and grew because we knew they would look better as a cluster. We kept the trays the original color, but they would be neat painted different colors.

Mirror Trays

We attached wire to the back of the tray to hang them.

The trays all together cost about $5, a very inexpensive way to have a major impact on a room.

Happy Sunday!



We love Ray Lamontagne. I have been to several concerts, and just enjoy him immensely.
One of my favorite songs is Bar Fly. So I took a few of my favorite lyrics and put them on burlap.

Anyone who knows me knows I have the worst handwriting  ever! I printed myself a template, and that my friend is homemade art. I used the frame I got from last weekends yard sale. This project cost me 3.00.
Sunday Sisters

Wilson County Fair

If you have never been to the Wilson County Fair, you should be punished. This is the best fair in the entire state of Tennessee, if not the south.

I look forward to all bad food every year...good thing they only come once a year, or I would have problems.

The Wheel 

This precious goat gave me a smile for my carrots! He actually just had crazy teeth!

Fiddle Stick... I couldn't find fried butter to try!

Mmm... Homemade Cream Soda

Curly potato chips
For info on the fair

You must go, the last day is Saturday, August 20th.

Love Always,


Trousdale Place

 On the most perfect day of August we decided to tour our local museum, and see what history we could learn about our town. We had a blast. The lady at the desk was every bit  the southern belle who knows everyone..or something about most everyone.
 From the old theatre.
Sign from the drive in. Good memories.
We fell head over heels in love with the clothes. We want to make this dress! This is rare that we both adore a dress.

This dress looks like something that Anthropologie would have.
 We then decided to part ways and enjoy the Sunday afternoon with the ones that put a twinkle in our eyes.
Sunday Sisters

Great Finds at the Worlds Largest Yard Sale (a.k.a 127 Corridor)

We had a great time looking, bargaining, and buying. We wish we could have taken a few days off and really hit up the yard sale in a different state. It was crazy to see all the participation not just from the vendors, but us shoppers who came from all over to look.
Next year we intend to take a few days off and really enjoy ourselves. Anyways, here are a few of our finds. Burlap bags included.

I spent less than 20.00 and got all this and more.
dainty little flower necklace.
Statement earrings.
Faux pearls in Neapolitan colors.
perfectly feminine vintage pocket knife.
 And a unique coin necklace.
I got a few other things but these are the noteworthy finds.

Sunday Sisters

Eclectic Mantel

Happy Sunday!
Here are a few pics of our eclectic mantel. I have been looking for ideas recently and found nothing cute for this time of year, so I decided to throw a bunch of random items together for a summery mantel. Everything on the mantel is from Goodwill or garage sales. 

P.S. Jenny will blog soon about the 127 Corridor ( I ended up not making it this year :( ...I will next year!)

Much Love,

We heart Wednesday


 We are super excited to go yard selling at the " World's Longest Yard Sale"! I will be in Chattanooga looking for some great deals, and Erin will be in Jamestown, TN looking for some fun finds.We are not looking for anything in particular just something that tickles our fancy. The yard sale is Thursday, Aug. 4- Sunday, Aug. 7, and spans from Michigan to Alabama. Check back with us Monday to see what we bought!
Sunday Sisters

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