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DIY: No Sew Burlap Chair- Restoration Hardware Style

Paint and fabric are just like hair and make-up for a women... oh the wonders of what it can do!

I bought this chair for $10 at an estate sell, the high back is what attracted me to the chair. I knew when I saw it that I was going to cover it in burlap. I purchased the burlap at Jo Anns, 5 yards for about $15, and I already had the paint color (Behr: Mocha Accent). I also purchased 50 feet of rope for $10 at the local Tractor Supply store. The total cost of the chair was $35.

About the paint color: I knew I didn't want to use the traditional white or black with the burlap. I wanted a more monochromatic color scheme.

FYI: This was a NO SEW project! Good thing, because I don't know how to sew...

Before, when we were ripping all the old fabric off the chair.
Our beautiful chair! I am so proud of it!
We used a staple gun for pretty much the entire project. 

The before and after 

We hope you like our DIY project for the weekend!


Sunday Sisters

We Love Wendesday! Stuff we love...

We love tiny little treasures!While it is fun to wear bold statement jewlery, it's the simple small pieces that make our hearts swoon. So we picked our top tiny treasures for your eyes to sparkle.
First up is the adorable alphabet rings

We pretty much love everything Dogeared has to offer.
 And we love these cute EXPENSIVE number rings by Lulu Frost.

Simple bracelets.
And the sweetest heart necklace.

Love always,

Cheap Dry Hair Shampoo: Psssssst!

We love Wednesday: Psssssst Dry Hair Shampoo

Jenny and I have tried almost every dry hair shampoo under the sun. You see we have been genetically blessed with greasy heads and have to wash our hair every single day! We know it's not good for your hair to wash it every day, we also know how annoying it is!

Jenny discovered Psssssst at Wal-Mart, ( I know...We hate Wally world too!) and the best part is it only cost a little over $5!

The only place we have found it is at Wal-Mart, but it maybe at local drug stores too! We really have found out that this is the best dry hair shampoo for the money! It will last you a while too!

If you share our same problem, pick up a bottle and see for yourself. It is also great for blondes because it hides roots when you are in-between colorings!

On a side note: Have you ever seen or heard of Go Girl? I am not sure how it is more sanitary than just squatting over the toilet!
We laughed so hard! I hope I have not completely grossed anyone out!

Happy Hump Day!

Love Always,

Sunday Sisters

Homemade Healthy Banana Ice Cream

It's Sunday Folks and Hot outside! What better way to end the weekend than with Banana Ice Cream.
I recently ran across a recipe that is a must make! It's frozen banana ice cream!!! The possibilities are endless.
I decided to go with a banana, pistachio, almond extract, and a wee bit of honey mixture.

 Cut up bananas, and place in the freezer for 3 hours.

I put the blender on high and mixed the bananas until it turned into a creamy soft serve like texture. The outcome? Delicious.
The next go around I am going to try it with peanut butter, and dark chocolate.

Love Always,

Sunday Sisters

Bathos- Best Clay Face Mask

We love Wednesday's!

Our we love Wednesday's today is Bathos!

Earlier this week we were in downtown Franklin and picked up our favorite clay face mask at Bathos. Our mask of choice is the Grapes of Wrath---it smells like heaven! These face masks are great because they keep in your fridge for 3-4 months! This time of year is also great for this face mask because it is chilled when you put it on it's cold....very refreshing on hot days!

Vintage Italianate Nesting Tables

I was at my favorite store in Franklin, TN called The Iron Gate last week. For all who have not been in this store... it's amazing!

We were walking through the store and we noticed some nesting tables that looked very similar to some tables I had bought a few weeks ago at an Antique store in Gallatin. I looked them over and sure enough it was the same nesting tables, but with a different design. After looking them over, I looked at the price tag and whoa!

The nesting tables at The Iron Gate were selling for $575! Are you ready for this... I bought my nesting tables for a whooping $15. I could not believe the price of the tables, but then again I just bought them because I thought they were unique and ornate. I never researched the tables to see their value. We LOVE good finds!

Nesting Tables in The Iron Gate

Price Tag!

Love the aqua color on the top of the tables.

My Nesting Tables 
Here are some links to more Italianate Nesting Tables!

Have a great Sunday Friends! 

Love always,

Sunday Sisters

American Pickers- Nashville Style

Our whole family loves American Pickers! They recently opened a store here in Nashville and we decided to brave the heat and see it. Our Dad, Ken Henley, did a caricature of the American Pickers guys. He has done numerous caricatures of celebrities (See Wild Horse Salon). We took the caricature to Mike Wolfe, at the Antique Archeology store opening on Saturday, July 2nd.  Mike LOVED the caricature! It was a hot day, but we had fun and Mike really enjoyed the picture! 

The caricature...dead on.

Jenny and Mary Beth braving the heat and line!

Inside the looked awesome!

The line...

The gang with Mike and Danielle

Dad and Mike

The coffee mug Mike gave dad to say thanks!

It was a great day! We hope everyone had a great 4th...I know we sure did!

Love Always,
Sunday Sisters

4th of July Banner

Anyone can make this festive 4th of July Banner, it takes under an hour. The hardest part is making the triangles templates. 

Make a triangle template for the banner pieces.
Cut the large triangles out of card stock paper, color of your choice.

Pick out scrap booking paper for a fun mis-matched theme.
Attach the smaller cut triangles to the larger cut triangles with hot glue or tape.

With a hole punch, punch holes in corners of triangles and use twine or ribbon to hang banner!

This is so easy to make and you can be creative with the colors and patterns! I hand wrote the letters on the triangles, but stencils make it super easy!

Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July!


Sunday Sisters

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