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DIY Black and White Stripe Walls

Jenny, yet again painted a tiny hallway in her house. We are all about small spaces making a big impact. She found the inspiration from a striped black and white tank top and a gold necklace.
Black and white

This is the before picture of the hallway
Mirror came from target...3 years ago.

After Jenny painted black and white stripes

We hope to inspire you today! Go be creative!

Much love,

Sunday Sisters

We Love Wednesday's


Wildfox Couture vintage style tee
$77 -

Wildfox Couture vintage style tee
$64 -

Racerback top
$24 -

High rise shorts
$241 -

Straw handbag
$288 -

Pamela Love beading jewelry
$425 -

Alkemie jewelry
$109 -

Oversized jewelry
$185 -

Beading jewelry
$60 -

Pendleton Sunset Stripe Blanket
$249 -

Gwyenth Paltrow's Kale Chips Recipe

Sounds good right? I'm not going to lie the only reason I decided to make this is because we have tons of kale growing in our garden. I tried Gwyenth Paltrow Martin's recipe.

I cut some kale, washed and took the stems off. I just ripped it into pieces, put coconut oil, salt and pepper to taste.

I set oven on 300, and let cook for 25 minutes. End result looks good.
The end result looks good, and taste OK. Maybe an acquired taste.

Preheat oven to 300
Kale coconut oil(it's expensive, but this oil won't go rancid at a high heat)
Salt or seasoning of choice(I used a rosemary garlic seasoning mix on one sheet)
Cook for 25 mins

Sunday Sisters

Sunday Sister Pics

The Sunday Sisters

 We decided to take some pictures Sunday evening because it was so nice and we had a blast doing it!


Much Love,

Sunday Sisters

B's Blog Boutique

If you haven't noticed how cute our blog is recently, you should take notice now! Bailey, a friend of mine, did some sprucing up of our Sunday Sisters blog recently. She has been designing blogs for a couple of years now and is fantastic at it!

Bailey has two blogs, one is oh-so-adorable...Addicted to Addison, and her business blog...B's Blog Boutique.

If you have a blog and it needs some help (much like Sunday Sisters did!) you should contact Bailey! She is super easy to work with and will get your blog in blogger shape!

Just visit B's Blog Boutique for all Bailey's contact information. Her wait list is open for the summer!

Bailey and Addison

Much Love,
Sunday Sisters

Vintage Hat Collection

Our Aunt Sarah loved hats! From what we have been told her daughter, who traveled a lot, bought many of these hats for her while she was abroad. While we could not pull many of these hats off in public they are fun to try on. We have discussed having a tea party and making everyone wear one of her hats for fun. Aunt Sarah was a very special lady and very respected in her Atlanta community. She was the true definition of a "southern belle" and we miss having her around! 

Love Always,
Sunday Sisters

Effortless Summer Glow

Summer is here! At least in Nashville, TN. It is HOT outside. We wanted to share some of our favorite summer products, that are sure to give you that effortless summer glow.
Effortless Summer Glow

Effortless Summer Glow by Erin Henley featuring beach hats

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