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Christmas Wrapping Paper Party!

Jenny is genius. She called me (Erin) a week or two ago and said she had a great idea for a christmas party. She said you know how everyone uses toilet paper to make outfits out of at parties?... Yes I know. She said well lets have a party where everyone uses christmas wrapping paper to make an outfit. Jenny sent out an evite that asked everyone to bring two rolls of wrapping paper, tape, and scissors. The evite did not say what they would be doing with the paper...

Couture paper gowns...we have missed our calling. 

Everyone in action

Erin has her blue steel face on...
The town tree is too we took pictures in front of it.
We had too much fun last night! I am sure this will be a tradition for many many years to come! I know the dresses will continue to get better and more elaborate every year! until next year...

Merry Christmas Everyone! Jesus is the Reason for the Season

Sunday Sisters

Homemade Vintage Christmas

We are in full Christmas decorating mode around here! We have made several things for Christmas decorations and wanted to share the ideas with everyone. We hope to inspire you to get up and decorate your house for Christmas!

The dinning room

Kamron's Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, he said this is the only decoration we needed! Cute, but I disagree!

Vintage Santa found at the Flea Market! He is my favorite!
Homemade Christmas pillow out of burlap and vintage ribbon.
The living room, notice the mistletoe! 

The entry 

Real garland, smells amazing! 

This Santa was Kamron's Dad's as a child! 
Made these...very time consuming, but pretty! 

Made the stockings from burlap and decorated them with lace and leather. The metal stocking frames  are vintage and I found them at Christmas Village.

I made these little trees a couple of years ago with a lot of hot glue and fleece! 

Our Tree! Kam wanted to use the old school large bulbs, so we did! Hope the tree doesn't catch on fire ;)
We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We sure have a lot to be Thankful for this year! God has been good!

Happy Sunday! 

DIY: Vintage Christmas Hand Towel

Hello everyone! It's almost the happiest time of the year, but while we are waiting we might as well make pretty things for Christmas!

Christmas Village in Nashville is going on (today is the last day) this weekend, and I went on Friday to shop and gather some Christmas ideas.

The first thing on my list is to make vintage Christmas hand towels. This going to be super easy!

Here is the vintage Christmas inspired hand towel I saw at Christmas Village:

This hand towel was selling for $14

1. Iron-on Printable paper (Any craft store)
2. Iron
3. Plain Cotton/Linen Hand Towel
4. Cute Vintage Christmas Image

I have already found some of the cutest vintage Christmas images for you to use!

Take your pick! Just save to computer, print on Iron-on paper, and iron on hand towel! Yes, it's that easy! (make sure you follow the directions on the Iron-on paper)

Here is my finished product...

These hand towels are great for kitchens and bathrooms! Great DIY gift, plus you can use this for any vintage images! 

Happy Sunday Ya'll!

Sunday Sisters

Vintage Postcards- Personal Wedding Gift

Hola! Mi Amigos!

I went to the most beautiful wedding a couple of weeks ago in San Antiono, Tx. I wanted to share the wedding gift Kamron and I made for the happy couple!

This Summer Kamron and I were out shopping at yard sales and ran across some vintage post cards(from the 1930's-1950's)that came from Texas. The postcards were from various Texas attractions, like The River Walk, The Alamo, and Baylor college.

We saw the cards and knew exactly what we wanted to do with them. We thought it would be neat if we displayed them in a different way for their Texas wedding in October.

First cute a section of chicken wire
We bought an ornate frame to off set the rustic look of the chicken wire
Cut the chicken wire to the size of the frame

Staple the chicken wire to the frame

The vintage postcards and tiny clothes pins

Pin the postcards on the chicken wire for the finished product!

Kelsey could use the frame as a bulletin board or to hang her jewelry from... endless possibilities!

Kamron and I at the Alamo

Please take a look at Kelsey and Josh's wedding pictures! You will not be disappointed!

Kelsey and Josh

Congrats Kelsey and Josh!

Happy Sunday!

Sunday Sisters



a strong cotton fabric, usually twilled, used especially in making cloth ticks.
a similar cloth in satin weave or Jacquard, used especially for mattress covers.

While visiting Georgia recently, we ate at Bistro VG and fell in love with the amazing decor. Walking through the doors felt like you were entering a lovely, lazy Sunday. With that being said, there was a subtle and small pillow that ripped our attention from some of the more demanding pieces. It was a beautiful and simple ticking fabric. Immediately we thought, "We can make this!"
We looked at pillow forms at a few stores and decided we didn't want to spend that for a pillow. So we went to old faithful (Goodwill), and found a Christmas pillow on blowout for $1.00. Sold to the Sisters of Sunday!

With the pillow at our disposal, we kept our eyes out for fabric and found an amazingly cheap buy at IKEA...A dish towel.
For 79 cents we got four dishtowels.
 Supplies needed:
Fabric glue
Clothes pins
(We wrapped the pillow in a fabric scrap before using the dishtowel because you could see through it.)
Glue is our best friend since we are not the best at sewing.
We used the clothes pins to give us a clean line.
The result is a timeless piece.
Sunday Sisters


We can't totally take credit for this one.  Kyle said, "Kids should be given responsibility for Halloween, not pancreatic and kidney stress."  He went to the massive big box store looking for plastic, Made in China inspiration.  Sadly he ran out of time and I (Jenny) got to make his vision a reality!

Materials needed:

Poke holes in the bottom of Jack. (Poking holes in Jill just seems wrong.)
If necessary, cut Jack until your plant fits snugly.
Carefully place your mum into Jack, and Bobs your uncle.

(Optional) Place cute animals by the arrangement.

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