a strong cotton fabric, usually twilled, used especially in making cloth ticks.
a similar cloth in satin weave or Jacquard, used especially for mattress covers.

While visiting Georgia recently, we ate at Bistro VG and fell in love with the amazing decor. Walking through the doors felt like you were entering a lovely, lazy Sunday. With that being said, there was a subtle and small pillow that ripped our attention from some of the more demanding pieces. It was a beautiful and simple ticking fabric. Immediately we thought, "We can make this!"
We looked at pillow forms at a few stores and decided we didn't want to spend that for a pillow. So we went to old faithful (Goodwill), and found a Christmas pillow on blowout for $1.00. Sold to the Sisters of Sunday!

With the pillow at our disposal, we kept our eyes out for fabric and found an amazingly cheap buy at IKEA...A dish towel.
For 79 cents we got four dishtowels.
 Supplies needed:
Fabric glue
Clothes pins
(We wrapped the pillow in a fabric scrap before using the dishtowel because you could see through it.)
Glue is our best friend since we are not the best at sewing.
We used the clothes pins to give us a clean line.
The result is a timeless piece.
Sunday Sisters