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We Are Obsessed With Polyvore

Jenny and I are hooked. It's pretty sad when all you want to do is make outfits on Polyvore. 

Who ever invented Polyvore is a genius. Period.

Polyvore is a website that allows you to make collages of outfits. The best part is all the clothes are currently available and they let you chose how pricey you want the pieces to be. It's like looking at fun magazine collages...but you create them. 

Follow Jenny @ SheLovesSimply 
and Erin @ ErinHenley

Warning...You will become addicted!

Orange Crush

Orange Crush by shelovessimply featuring short shorts

Go and create your Polyvore page and follow Jenny and I...We can all be addicted together! 

Love always,
Sunday Sisters

Vintage Family Finds

Earlier in the week Jenny was going through the garage at our parent's house and came across an old family scrapbook. We found some amazing pictures of our great Grandparent's dining room furniture. They are so neat, we immediately freaked out and decided we were going to have them framed and hang them (we will post pics when that happens). There is something to be said about that era and how they lived. I would love to go back in time and live in the 1930's for a while... and then come back and enjoy my electronics! People actually dressed up to go out to the store, they didn't just roll out of bed and go. 

Our great Grandparent's wedding was a pretty big deal, every party they had was featured in the Atlanta paper. They even had an article about when the wedding party was announced! They were the "it" couple of Atlanta. 

DIY: Monogram Pillows

Last weekend I was shopping around the 8th Avenue South area and came across the most amazing store. It had gorgeous things inside, along with the beauty came an expensive price tag. They were selling linen monogram pillows for over $100.00! I decided I could come up with the same look for less. 

A week prior I found some taupe linen fabric, about 5 yards, at goodwill. The whole bolt was only $5.00. 

So, I knew when I saw the pillows at the store I pretty much had everything I needed. I used two pillows I already had that were not so attractive. 

Step 1: Make a pillow case (if you don't know how Google it ;)
Step 2: Stencil or hand paint your initial of choice with fabric paint. 
Step 3: Let dry and place pillow inside, finish the pillow.

TIP: I just printed off the enlarged font of choice and then hand painted it on the pillow case.

Try it and give us some feed back. Good Luck!

Much Love,
Sunday Sisters

New Finds: Cheap Chairs

Sunday Sisters has been on the hunt for some chairs! I happened to drive by this hole in the wall junk store and boy did I score. I bought three chairs for less than $75!
Two are for my farm table and the other looked like a vintage camping chair, so I bought it.  

Sunday Sisters has major things headed your way. We are super excited about the near future. Stay tuned and keep on keepin' on with our blog! 

Much love,
Sunday Sisters

Rose Gold Watches

We love watches. One of us wears watches for the nice look and the other wears them because they're functional. Guess who just wears them for looks?!?! 

 Here are a few of our favorites that will be on everyone's must have list for this spring. 
Hint: Rose?

Michael Kors $219.00

Fossil Decker Chronograph $105.00

*Our Personal Favorite is the Michael Kors watch!

Much Love,

Sunday Sisters

Craigslist Find: Chocolate Chair

I found this amazing chair on Craigslist! I wanted to share my great find with everyone. 
I'm in love!

Ann, who I bought the chair from also has an Etsy site and makes the most unique and beautiful baby mobiles. She was so nice, I wanted to share her links with you all. 

Happy Sunday Everyone! 

Steep & Cheap: Nude Pumps

WE love these pumps for many reasons:

*They look good with just about anything
*They make your legs appear to look longer

Steep: Steve Madden "Ulltra" Pump $68.95

Or Cheap: Target Mossimo Pearce Pumps $29.99

I personally have the Target brand and they are comfy!

Happy shopping y'all! 

Steep & Cheap: Lace Vest

We fell in love with this lace vest. We thought of great outfits it could be worn with, and that we needed it.....until we saw the price 34.00! For a tiny lace vest. So we said what any sensible young woman would say " we can probably find it cheaper at forever 21." And we did.
This vest is just as cute and is only 8.90!!!

What to do with a Pallet?

We saw the above Idea and Loved it! A few days later I noticed that our neighbor had put a few pallets out in the yard to be trashed. So we "rescued" them and I painted one and put it in our bathroom to hide a boxed in window. 

 We got some white paint and painted the pallet and  then with a wet rag we wiped off any excess paint.
I added some mirrors I got from Ikea to make the bathroom look larger.

This is a very inexpensive way to pack major punch in a small area.

Happy creating! 

Sunday Sisters

Pottery Barn Look for Less

This chair was purchased at a local Goodwill store for about $20. It was a awful oak color and needed some updating. We sanded and painted the chair a semi-gloss black that we already had in the garage. Lastly, We purchased some new wheels for the chair for about $12 at Home Depot to finish the updated look.  

Here is the chair before...

 Here is the chair after...

 And here is a Pottery Barn chair that retails for $399!

I think we accomplished the Pottery Barn look for less, way less...about $350 less!

Cute Picture Frame...Less Than $5

Myself and Jenny made this for christmas gifts this year. In November we went to our favorite Christmas Village and we saw these frames and decided we could make these for way less.

So here is an example of the picture frame they were selling for $30 at Christmas Village...

Here are some examples of the ones We Made for about $5


1. Wood picture frame (at Michael's for $1)
2. Craft paint
3. Scrap booking paper (whatever design you like)
4. Wire ribbon
5. Rubber Cement (or your glue of choice)
6. Decoupage glue
7. A decorative brooch (We actually used cheap earrings as our brooches) 
8. Hot glue gun
9. Various paint brushes
10. Exact-o knife


1. Paint your picture frames the desired color (match you paper if you can!)
2. Let dry
3. Apply Rubber Cement to the front of the frame
4. Press scrap booking paper on the front of the frame, Lay a heavy object like a book to ensure the paper dries flat 
5. After the glue dries cut off the edges of the paper with an exact-o knife 
6. Apply the decoupage glue to the front of the frame to create a finished surface, Allow time to dry
7. Tie a bow out of your ribbon and hot glue to the top of the frame
8. Hot glue the decorative brooch (or earring) to the center of the bow

The total process will take about an hour!

Good Luck!

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