DIY Lamp: Chalk Paint and Burlap


I have had this lamp FOREVER! It did not fit any of my decor anymore, so instead of buying a lamp, I just changed the one I had. It saved me about $80-$100.


Here is how the lamp got a new face lift:

Step 1. Chalk Paint- 
Mix Plaster of Paris (find at Lowes or Home Depot) with the paint color of your choice to make chalk paint. I mixed about two tablespoons of the Plaster of Paris to about two tablespoons of water then added about one cup of paint. Mix together and you have chalk paint.

Step 2: Paint-
I ended up painting 3 coats of the chalk paint. It dries very fast.

Step 3: Cover Lampshade-
I used burlap from a burlap bag I purchased last year that already had print on it. Use a hot glue gun or fabric glue- I used a hot glue gun.

Step 4: Let Dry
Let the paint dry thoroughly. Place newly covered lampshade on newly painted base and you have a new lamp!  


New Lamp
I hope it inspires you to DIY some old lamp! It was almost effortless. 

Happy Wednesday!
Sunday Sisters