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DIY Wall Lamp

 DIY Hanging Wall Lamp
The Lampshade: A wire basket from a live Christmas tree that was planted. Most people would think this basket was trash. Not us!



We bought a vintage bulb for this

We used a flower pot hanger and mounted it on the wall to hang the basket from.
 What you need:
1. Wire basket (any kind really)
2. Wall bracket- We used one from the garden section because it was longer.
3. Light socket hardware (easy and ready to be used out of packaging, from Lowe's)
4. Light Bulb 

Sunday Sisters

The Finders Nest- Hendersonville, Tennessee

Hello Friends,

Something Jenny and I have wanted to do for a while is write blogs about our favorite little shops around the area.

Before Christmas we visited our friend Pat, who owns The Finders Nest in Hendersonville. Pat is the definition of a "picker" she knows what and where to pick!

Pat changes the store all the time, so you must go all the time! These pictures are from before Christmas, so I know the whole store looks different now.

Not only are the prices very reasonable, Pat always has some little treats to nibble on as you shop!

If you love old things like Jenny and I, you will LOVE The Finders Nest!

Located just behind Captain D's on Gallatin Road


The Finders Nest is open Thursday-Saturday 10am-5pm. 

Go see Pat, she will take good care of you! Happy Finding! 

Love Always,

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