"Set Up Camp" Baby Shower for Kerra and Alton


I had the pleasure in participating in a beautiful baby shower for my sister-in-law Kerra and her baby boy!  We helped Kerra "Set Up Camp" for the arrival of baby Alton! We can't wait to meet his sweet little face in November!

Kerra- The Momma-Bear to be!

We had to have a hash-tag for Baby Alton!

The gift Josh dropped off for baby Alton! So sweet!

Kerra and her college friends (missing Crystal) who also helped host the shower!
Kerra and "Nanny"

Kerra and Heather
Pie Bar
The sweetest invitation ever!
The "Teena Tissue" box I made for the Grandma to be! She used it just a few times ;)
Fruit Parfait Cups
Mini Pies- Thanks McKenzie!
Kerra's favorite "Granny Crust"
We had a biscuit bar with some yummy toppings!