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DIY Lamp: Chalk Paint and Burlap

I have had this lamp FOREVER! It did not fit any of my decor anymore, so instead of buying a lamp, I just changed the one I had. It saved me about $80-$100.


Here is how the lamp got a new face lift:

Step 1. Chalk Paint- 
Mix Plaster of Paris (find at Lowes or Home Depot) with the paint color of your choice to make chalk paint. I mixed about two tablespoons of the Plaster of Paris to about two tablespoons of water then added about one cup of paint. Mix together and you have chalk paint.

Step 2: Paint-
I ended up painting 3 coats of the chalk paint. It dries very fast.

Step 3: Cover Lampshade-
I used burlap from a burlap bag I purchased last year that already had print on it. Use a hot glue gun or fabric glue- I used a hot glue gun.

Step 4: Let Dry
Let the paint dry thoroughly. Place newly covered lampshade on newly painted base and you have a new lamp!  


New Lamp
I hope it inspires you to DIY some old lamp! It was almost effortless. 

Happy Wednesday!
Sunday Sisters

Cheers to 30 Years Jenny!

The Birthday Girl!

Me and mom had fun at our first attempt at an ombre cake!

The inside was yellow ombre

Gorgeous sunset at Seaside!
We just got back from celebrating Jenny's 30th Birthday at the beach! 

Sunday Sisters

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