How to Apply Lemon Aid Concealer by Benefit Cosmetics

I have to share with everyone my all-time-favorite weapon, it goes by the name of "Lemon Aid"!

I have been obsessed with Lemon Aid and Benefit Cosmetics for years! I love everything about Benefit... their packaging, the amazing products, and the clever names.

Lemon Aide has been my go to product, I am pretty sure I could be the spokes person for it! Lemon Aid will cure any and every ailments your face might have! It is amazing for contouring/highlighting or just using it as your every day concealer.

I had the thought to show everyone how I apply my Lemon Aid. I only applied Lemon Aid to the right eye (left in pictures). Don't judge the way I look, it was my day off ;)

How To Apply:

1. I start by applying my foundation first- Whatever you use, whether it is a liquid or powder foundation.
2. I apply the Lemon Aid in the shape of a Check Mark under my eyes.
3. I gently Blend the Lemon Aid into my skin with my ring finger.
5. After blending I apply some Powder and Blush.

Go now and get some Lemon Aid! You can get it at Sephora online or in the store.

Sunday Sisters