Christmas Wrapping Paper Party!

Jenny is genius. She called me (Erin) a week or two ago and said she had a great idea for a christmas party. She said you know how everyone uses toilet paper to make outfits out of at parties?... Yes I know. She said well lets have a party where everyone uses christmas wrapping paper to make an outfit. Jenny sent out an evite that asked everyone to bring two rolls of wrapping paper, tape, and scissors. The evite did not say what they would be doing with the paper...

Couture paper gowns...we have missed our calling. 

Everyone in action

Erin has her blue steel face on...
The town tree is too we took pictures in front of it.
We had too much fun last night! I am sure this will be a tradition for many many years to come! I know the dresses will continue to get better and more elaborate every year! until next year...

Merry Christmas Everyone! Jesus is the Reason for the Season

Sunday Sisters