DIY: Vintage Christmas Hand Towel


Hello everyone! It's almost the happiest time of the year, but while we are waiting we might as well make pretty things for Christmas!

Christmas Village in Nashville is going on (today is the last day) this weekend, and I went on Friday to shop and gather some Christmas ideas.

The first thing on my list is to make vintage Christmas hand towels. This going to be super easy!

Here is the vintage Christmas inspired hand towel I saw at Christmas Village:

This hand towel was selling for $14

1. Iron-on Printable paper (Any craft store)
2. Iron
3. Plain Cotton/Linen Hand Towel
4. Cute Vintage Christmas Image

I have already found some of the cutest vintage Christmas images for you to use!

Take your pick! Just save to computer, print on Iron-on paper, and iron on hand towel! Yes, it's that easy! (make sure you follow the directions on the Iron-on paper)

Here is my finished product...

These hand towels are great for kitchens and bathrooms! Great DIY gift, plus you can use this for any vintage images! 

Happy Sunday Ya'll!

Sunday Sisters