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a strong cotton fabric, usually twilled, used especially in making cloth ticks.
a similar cloth in satin weave or Jacquard, used especially for mattress covers.

While visiting Georgia recently, we ate at Bistro VG and fell in love with the amazing decor. Walking through the doors felt like you were entering a lovely, lazy Sunday. With that being said, there was a subtle and small pillow that ripped our attention from some of the more demanding pieces. It was a beautiful and simple ticking fabric. Immediately we thought, "We can make this!"
We looked at pillow forms at a few stores and decided we didn't want to spend that for a pillow. So we went to old faithful (Goodwill), and found a Christmas pillow on blowout for $1.00. Sold to the Sisters of Sunday!

With the pillow at our disposal, we kept our eyes out for fabric and found an amazingly cheap buy at IKEA...A dish towel.
For 79 cents we got four dishtowels.
 Supplies needed:
Fabric glue
Clothes pins
(We wrapped the pillow in a fabric scrap before using the dishtowel because you could see through it.)
Glue is our best friend since we are not the best at sewing.
We used the clothes pins to give us a clean line.
The result is a timeless piece.
Sunday Sisters


We can't totally take credit for this one.  Kyle said, "Kids should be given responsibility for Halloween, not pancreatic and kidney stress."  He went to the massive big box store looking for plastic, Made in China inspiration.  Sadly he ran out of time and I (Jenny) got to make his vision a reality!

Materials needed:

Poke holes in the bottom of Jack. (Poking holes in Jill just seems wrong.)
If necessary, cut Jack until your plant fits snugly.
Carefully place your mum into Jack, and Bobs your uncle.

(Optional) Place cute animals by the arrangement.

Fall Decorations

Fall is here! There is nothing like Tennessee in Fall, well maybe Maine or New Hampshire (only saying that because Jenny and I have been there during fall and it is gorgeous!)

Fall Mantle

Bought these at Target the other day, I believe they are on sale this week!

Table: Simple and understated

Isn't fall amazing? 



P.S. Not going to lie, Can't wait to decorate for Christmas!

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