Church Chicken Coop- Most Creative Chicken Coop

For as long as I can remember my mom has wanted chickens. She has been dreaming of having farm fresh eggs at her fingertips for years now. Knowing my family does not do "average" my dad designed and built this amazing church chicken coupe for my mom.
My parents moved into a cabin in the woods about a year ago, finally having the perfect space for a chicken coop. The church chicken coupe is the brain child of my dad and took a few weekends in the summer to build. The coop is complete with a stained glass window!

The chicken coop over looks the pond...those chickens have the best view! This helps them produce better eggs :)

 I think my parents did an amazing job on the chicken coop... our family motto should be "do it creatively or don't do it all." Life is too short have an average chicken coop, right?!?

 P.S Southern Living Magazine or Country Living Magazine need to feature this chicken coop!

Sunday Sisters