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"The Haunted House" by Ken Henley

Hello all,

Well, I am finally doing what I wanted to do forever ago. Let me back up. When my parents moved two years ago Kam and I got a flat file cabinet that we use as a coffee table. It had art prints that my dad had made back in the 80's inside. Basically, these prints are vintage now.

I have been wanting to put these bad boys up on Etsy for him... and I just did that! Two years later.

Feel free to check out the listing on ETSY

P.S. It's perfect for Halloween since the name of the painting is "The Haunted House"...

Southern 60th Birthday Luncheon

For as long as Jenny and I can remember it was always fine china, crystal, chicken salad and flowers at our family functions. My mother and aunt gave my Nana a great 60th birthday party in Atlanta that I remember going to when I was little. I remember it being a beautiful day, everyone wearing floral dresses and watching a wedding take place at the venue. I also remember crying because my hair was so big from using sponge curlers the night before, oh the 90's.

We wanted to have a similar birthday for our mom to let her know how special she is. After all she did give us life. And she loves a good party with chicken salad.

A big thanks to Foxland Southern Grill venue, Nashville Event Planning for linens, and Craig Duncan Music for playing the violin.

Happy 60th Birthday, Mom! We love you the most!

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