Cute Picture Frame...Less Than $5


Myself and Jenny made this for christmas gifts this year. In November we went to our favorite Christmas Village and we saw these frames and decided we could make these for way less.

So here is an example of the picture frame they were selling for $30 at Christmas Village...

Here are some examples of the ones We Made for about $5


1. Wood picture frame (at Michael's for $1)
2. Craft paint
3. Scrap booking paper (whatever design you like)
4. Wire ribbon
5. Rubber Cement (or your glue of choice)
6. Decoupage glue
7. A decorative brooch (We actually used cheap earrings as our brooches) 
8. Hot glue gun
9. Various paint brushes
10. Exact-o knife


1. Paint your picture frames the desired color (match you paper if you can!)
2. Let dry
3. Apply Rubber Cement to the front of the frame
4. Press scrap booking paper on the front of the frame, Lay a heavy object like a book to ensure the paper dries flat 
5. After the glue dries cut off the edges of the paper with an exact-o knife 
6. Apply the decoupage glue to the front of the frame to create a finished surface, Allow time to dry
7. Tie a bow out of your ribbon and hot glue to the top of the frame
8. Hot glue the decorative brooch (or earring) to the center of the bow

The total process will take about an hour!

Good Luck!