Vintage Italianate Nesting Tables


I was at my favorite store in Franklin, TN called The Iron Gate last week. For all who have not been in this store... it's amazing!

We were walking through the store and we noticed some nesting tables that looked very similar to some tables I had bought a few weeks ago at an Antique store in Gallatin. I looked them over and sure enough it was the same nesting tables, but with a different design. After looking them over, I looked at the price tag and whoa!

The nesting tables at The Iron Gate were selling for $575! Are you ready for this... I bought my nesting tables for a whooping $15. I could not believe the price of the tables, but then again I just bought them because I thought they were unique and ornate. I never researched the tables to see their value. We LOVE good finds!

Nesting Tables in The Iron Gate

Price Tag!

Love the aqua color on the top of the tables.

My Nesting Tables 
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