Great Finds at the Worlds Largest Yard Sale (a.k.a 127 Corridor)


We had a great time looking, bargaining, and buying. We wish we could have taken a few days off and really hit up the yard sale in a different state. It was crazy to see all the participation not just from the vendors, but us shoppers who came from all over to look.
Next year we intend to take a few days off and really enjoy ourselves. Anyways, here are a few of our finds. Burlap bags included.

I spent less than 20.00 and got all this and more.
dainty little flower necklace.
Statement earrings.
Faux pearls in Neapolitan colors.
perfectly feminine vintage pocket knife.
 And a unique coin necklace.
I got a few other things but these are the noteworthy finds.

Sunday Sisters