Morning Quiet Time: Interior Wisdom by Leah Richardson


I wanted to share with everyone my morning quiet time routine and what I am loving reading.

For starters, coffee is a must. For busy days I enjoy my Keurig coffee, however if I have time my french press coffee is my favorite.

My quite time usually consist of me, my coffee, Bible, Jesus Calling, Interior Wisdom, and the great outdoors.  My sweet mother in law gave me Interior Wisdom several weeks ago and I have loved reading it! in fact, I have started to read it again.

Interior Wisdom by Leah Richardson
Leah Richardson does an incredible job connecting your heart and home. This is a beautiful coffee table book, but has a more beautiful message written inside of it! I would highly recommend reading this book. Leah is such a gifted designer and writer, you will so encouraged in all areas of your life. 

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