Chevron Print On Walls


Jenny recently decided to tackle her tiny hallway with a big print. As we all know Chevron
print is huge right now, from purses, to bedding, to blogs...its big. We love small spaces that have a huge impact. I was at work, so sadly I did not get to participate in this painting adventure!

Here is how Jenny Painted the Chevron print on her walls:

We love the chevron print and I decided to give it a try. I do recommend the print on a wall, but it was highly difficult to do a little hallway with lots of tight spots to tape. Taping and measuring was by far the most time consuming.
This is a picture of the hallway before....

Products used...
I made a template out of cardboard. I wanted a 6 inch stripe, and a 3 inch stripe(If I could do it over I would have bought the 3 inch wide tape), and measuring tape.
Let the taping begin...
and paint finally!
The end result is perfect.

We will post some more pics of this adorable hallway!  This is definitely a must if you want to make a statement in any small area!

Love Always,
Sunday Sisters